Brenda Vargas


Brenda Vargas

Executive Asst. / Engineer

Brenda Vargas is a brilliant woman with many talents and skills. With her off-the-charts IQ and passion for guiding the direction of artificial intelligence, Brenda is the filled with amazing ideas and is one of the smartest people you will ever meet. She an outstanding AI Engineer/Programmer and also uses her intelligence to assist the Executive team.

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Brenda Vargas

Meet Brenda Vargas, a luminary in the world of artificial intelligence. Her exceptional intellect, underscored by an off-the-charts IQ, positions her at the forefront of AI innovation. Brenda is not just a brilliant thinker; she is a prodigy who has transformed her passion for advancing AI technology into a remarkable career.

As an outstanding AI Engineer and Programmer, Brenda’s contributions have been pivotal in shaping the future of artificial intelligence. Her deep understanding of AI complexities and her ability to navigate through them with ease make her an invaluable asset in the tech community.

Brenda’s expertise extends beyond engineering; she plays a crucial role in advising the InventusAI Executive team. Her insights and strategic guidance are instrumental in driving the company’s vision forward, ensuring that InventusAI remains a leader in AI development.

Brenda Vargas is more than just an AI professional; she is a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating how intelligence, when coupled with passion, can lead to groundbreaking achievements in technology. Prepare to be amazed – Brenda is one of the smartest people you will ever meet, and her journey is just beginning.

Experienced Skills

With exceptional skills, Brenda is an invaluable member of the InventusAI team
Artificial Intelligence 99%
Software Engineer 99%
Executive Management 93%

Executive Asst / Engineer

Brenda is a key member of both the Executive team and the Engineering Team lending her brilliance to both.


Brenda can be summarized as Brilliant and Motivated. She keeps this company on it’s toes and abreast of the latest emerging technologies to become available. She is one of the cornerstones of this company.

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