Lucas Lucindo


Lucas Lucindo

Sr. Project Mgr / Engineer

Lucan Lucindo is very passionate about AI and he lives, breaths, and drinks artificial intelligence as well as coding in general. Dedicated to his job and pushing AI to it’s limits, Lucas thrives on coming up with new ways to help businesses excel from his engineering.

Personal Information


Office (801) 923-4080




10421 S Jordan Gateway, Suite 600,
South Jordan, UT 84095

Lucas Lucindo

As a software engineer with a decade of experience, I have a solid track record in the fields of security, defense, and aerospace. My passion and dedication have led me to delve deeply into artificial intelligence projects, with a special focus on data science and computer vision. Over the years, I have acquired significant skills in technical leadership, managing large-scale projects efficiently and effectively, always aiming for high-quality results and technological innovation. My commitment is to excellence and continual evolution in the dynamic field of technology.

Experienced Skills

Lucas has exceptional skills that include the following
Programming 99%
Project Management 93%
Artificial Intelligence 99%

Sr. Project Manager

Lucas has overseen many projects and engineers achieving exceptional success.


As the CEO of InventusAI, I am very grateful to have someone with the intelligence and talent of Lucas on our team. Lucas brings a level of expertise that transcends his years. Hi ability to lead development teams with grace and expertise gains the respect of all those who work around him. Lucas is a highly valuable asset.” – Samuel Potter (CEO InventusAI)

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